Where Poetry Hides

Finding where poetry hides is much like a treasure hunt...or at least it can be.  Poetry hides in the "things" that remind us about what is close to our heart.  For instance, maybe it hides in the radio and can be found when a certain song plays or in an old pair of running shoes, telling stories of the miles that have been run.  Wherever this may be, it is important to find the places that your poetry hides.  Take some time to search your house, family, and life.  Look for the specifics and in as many things, places, occasions, and people you can.  Poems hide in our everyday experiences so draw from this.  You should be able to use your senses to find poetry.

Take a look at this YouTube clip that shows some places that poetry can hide:

Students all over the country have been searching for places their poetry hides.  Here are just a few place poems have been found.  How many of these places might be a location for your poems?  what other places can you think of when it comes to finding poetry?

HOMEWORK:  Create a list of places where your poetry may be hiding.
This list should contain at least 10 places.  You will receive 10 points for your list, so be sure to check it in with Miss Stanfield.  You must complete this step in order to proceed to the next steps.  Be sure to check the My Poetry Book page to see the details of the final project.