Useful Resources

On this page, you will find useful resources for multiple situations.  If there is something that is not here that should be added, please let me know and I will update the list.  As I come across new resources, or we use them in class, I will try to add them to this list to keep them in a central location.  

Eastwood Local Schools Home Page:
     This site will allow you access your e-mail account, Google Docs, and school calendar.  You will also be able to download the school printers to your home computer in case you need to print anything for class!  Visit this site regularly to keep up the all things Eastwood!

     Want to see how you are doing in your classes?  Did you have homework tonight?  When is the next test?  Visit this site to keep up with all of your classes.  

    This is the district's library home page.  Visit this site for your research needs!  The school's library catalog is found here too, this should help you find that novel you are just itching to read!

     Use this site to help you properly cite your sources for reading and writing assignments.  It is important to use correct citations when you are borrowing words, ideas, and phrases from original works by another author.

    This site allows you to create movies by simply typing in text.  You can choose from a variety of characters and settings.  Incorporate music, sounds, and movements with a touch of a button.  You will need to sign up for an account.  With this account, you will be given points to use in creating your movie.  If you need more points, you may purchase more on the site.

Phillip Martin:
     This site provides free clip art to use on websites.  Most are educational in nature, but would be appropriate for student use on school sites.  Clip art is organized by subjects and alphabetically, allowing for easy use!

      The Internet holds so many valuable resources for the classroom.  You can find educational videos or music and such for just about any lesson.  Be sure to visit often as new content is uploaded daily!

       This is a wiki site created by another teacher.  This site provides multiple Web 2.0 tools for use in any situation.  The great thing about this site is that it also categorizes the information.  Great information for any type of presentation!

       Wordle is a Web 2.0 tool that allows you to create word clouds.  The graphic on the home page of this site was created in Wordle.  These clouds are created by selecting choice words and determining the sizes and colors can be done with a push of a button.  

        Prezi is a tool that you can use to share a presentation.  

        SlideRocket is an interactive presentation.  Think of it as a PowerPoint taken to the next level.  One unique characteristic of SlideRocket is that it allows you to collaborate on the web, much like Google Docs.

    Grammar Girl has the answers to all of your grammar needs.  She writes and records podcasts for anything you may need in your writing.

    This site allows you to put narration to pictures and images.
    This site allows you to create maps for organization.